Written , directed & produced by Ari Davidovich
Associate producer and research: Anna Somershaf
Director of Cinematography: Phillippe Bellaiche
Editor: Noam Amit
Sound design: Aviv Aldema
Music: Ran Bagno
Visual research: Eran Litvin
Design: Itay Ziv, Steve Sebban, Sahar Mor


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Go2Films, Hedva Goldschmidt

SHAI K. is the untold story of Shaike Ophir, one of the greatest Israeli actors of all time. Ophir, in whose honor the Israel Academy of film and Television awards are named, worked with the legendary Alfred Hitchcock and Marcel Marceau, and became a mega star in Israel.


Yet very few really knew the man behind the thousand faces. SHAI K. is the tale of a tragicomic clown, a man who wanted more than anything to make people laugh and to be loved. For this, he paid a heavy personal price.

A magical, moving film

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Precise, informative and exciting

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Powerful and emotional

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Highly recommended

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Terrific, exciting and touching

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Ari Davidovich is an accomplished director, producer and writer. His films have been screened in the cinema, broadcast on prestigious television channels and have been featured in film festivals in Israel and abroad. Born and raised in Haifa, Davidovich is a graduate of Haifa University with a degree in Psychology and the Humanities, and earned a Masters degree from the Hebrew University in Media and Journalism. His expertise in filmmaking was gained by working with prominent filmmakers.

SHAI K. is the third in a series of documentary biographies Davidovich has created in recent years. It was preceded by BIRD IN THR ROOM (2015), which brought to the screen the mysterious life and death of poet Tirza Atar (winner of the judges' award at the Haifa Film Festival) and WAITING FOR GODIK (2007), the story of the rise and fall of producer Giora Godik, the first “king of musicals” in Israel. In addition, Davidovich directed the film MY CHAMPION on the journey of Israeli boxing champion Merhav Mohar, and produced the films ALL HAPPY MORNINGS (2012), BEAR WITH ME (2013), and HOLDONG IT IN, a new film about a unique surrogate family.