SHAI K. is the untold story of Shaike Ophir, one of the greatest Israeli actors of all time. Ophir, in whose honor the Israel Academy of film and Television awards are named, worked with the legendary Alfred Hitchcock and Marcel Marceau, and became a mega star in Israel. 


Yet very few really knew the man behind the thousand faces. SHAI K. is the tale of a tragicomic clown, a man who wanted more than anything to make people laugh and to be loved. For this, he paid a heavy personal price. 


The film recounts Shaike's extraordinary story through the women in his life and the people who worked with him, interwoven with rare archival footage, all coming together to create a fascinating personal and psychological portrait of the man who became an icon.

About the Film


Kareen Ophir (Photo: Phillippe Bellaiche)
Gadi Yagil (Photo: Phillippe Bellaiche)
Dror Keren (Photo: Phillippe Bellaiche)
Lydia Ophir (Photo: Rotem Yaron)
Atalia Ophir (Photo: Phillippe Bellaiche)
Nitza Shaul (Photo: Phillippe Bellaiche)

Written, directed & produced by Ari Davidovich

Associate producer and research: Anna Somershaf

Director of Cinematography: Phillippe Bellaiche

Editor: Noam Amit
Sound design: Aviv Aldema

Music: Ran Bagno

Visual research: Eran Litvin

Design: Itay Ziv, Steve Sebban, Sahar Mor


World Sales: 

GO2FILMS, Hedva Goldschmidt


נגן וידאו